Long Distance Tow Truck Service

If you have been on the road, you are bound to require the services of a tow truck company at one time or the other. However, the services of a good towing company are not limited to your area or city only. They offer something called long distance tow truck service.

Reasons to hire long distance tow truck service

There are many reasons for which you might need to avail the services of a long distance tow truck. Few of the leading reasons could be:

  • You were traveling long distance away from your city to another city and your car broke down. You desire your car to be towed back only to the garage in your city for repairs. You can do so effortlessly by using long distance towing service.
  • You have probably purchased a new car in another city and desire it to be towed back to your city as you came to the city driving your own car. A long distance towing service is exactly what you need in this situation to get the new car under your house roof.
  • Most jobs or other personal requirements may force you to move from one city to another. Like you desire plenty of your house stuff transported to the new city; you also want your car moving in the new city. The long distance towing service would fulfill your need to the tee.
  • Sometimes you need to keep miles off an important and precious vehicle. To keep it in peak physical condition; it is important that is kept off miles. Loading it into a tow trailer and shifting it from one location to another is the best way to keep it in top condition.

Now that you know situations in which you might need a long distance tow truck service, let’s look at few factors that should be considered while hiring them.

The response time of the company

Long distance service will inevitably take some time to arrive. The question here is how long? Despite the long distance, the turnaround time needs to be fast and minimal especially if there is an accident involved. Most long distance towing companies have tie-ups with companies of different cities to provide immediate services with minimal waiting time.

Availability of services

While most towing companies do provide round the clock service, it is critical to ascertain it. Nothing can be more frustrating than to call for emergency services in the middle of a night or even on a holiday to find that the company is closed for the day. Thus, it is important to verify that you can get services any second, 365 days of the year. You also need to verify that emergency services are available round the clock and not only during day times.

Flatbed towing or dolly towing

In flatbed towing, there is a flatbed on the towing truck on which the vehicle to be towed is placed. The vehicle is further secured onto it with ropes and chains so that it remains stable during transit and do not move or roll off. Thus, the vehicles are extra safe here. The service is handy when the wheels of a car have been damaged during an accident.

In contrast, in dolly towing, the front wheels of the vehicle to be towed are hooked to the tow truck while the other wheels remain on the road surface. Thus, the vehicle moves as the tow truck moves forward. Here the vehicles are more vulnerable to damage. Flatbed towing is always preferred to dolly towing for long distances irrespective of the condition of the car.

Getting things sorted beforehand will always make for an efficient and pleasurable towing experience in any situation.



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